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Permanent Assessment

Separating isn’t easy, not by any standards. The process, the heartache and the confusion are all part of separating, but what happens when children are involved? Child Access Visitation

Legal Services 

● Mercantile, civil and administrative 

● Labour relations 

 ● Contract 

 ● Setting up branches and subsidiaries


 Preparation and filing of tax returns

 Permanent assessment on tax legislation

 Technical assistance on tax audits

 Strategy on taxation law changes to optimise the clients business

 Validate tax legislation compliance

 Fiscal strategy and planning

Labour and Payroll

 Advice on employment law and preparation of contracts

 Legal assistance in conflicts with employees

 Advice and assistance on payroll related audits

 Preparation of payroll and related taxes and contributions

 Advice on compliance with labour related legislation

 Personnel search


 Recording transactions and accounts preparation

 Management reporting

 Advice on accounting principles and cost allocation criteria

 Implementation of accounting structures and systems

  Preparation of annual accounts and official books