February 2013

February 2013

 EU votes on banker bonus cap 

 Case Report: Rawcliffe [2013] TC 02529 

 Case Report: Newton [2013] TC 02526 

 Case Report: James [2013] TC 02527 

 Case Report: Burton [2013] TC 02522 

 £156m tax avoidance scheme closed by HMRC 

 2017 application date set for revenue recognition standard 

 Updated guide to importing & exporting - breaking down the barriers 

 Update on creative industry tax credits 

 Accountants risk “burnout” as year-end approaches, says survey 

 PAYE revolution set to be unleashed 

 More taxpayers challenge HMRC over late-filing fine 

 HMRC gets tough on wealthy tax evaders 

 France plans limit on cash transactions 

 European Commission launches tax compliance consultations 

 Case Report: Samadian v Revenue and Customs Commissioners TC02533 

 Case Report: Cadbury v FOD Financien [2013] TC 02515 

 France and Luxembourg referred to the ECJ over reduced VAT rates on e-books 

 EU Commission takes the UK to ECJ over reduced VAT rate 

 Case Report: Revenue and Customs Commissioners v BAA Ltd [2013] EWCA Civ 112 

 Case Report: Kear [2013] TC 02513 

 Case Report: Antiques Within Ltd [2013] TC 02507 

 Case Report: Wallis [2013] TC 02499 

 Case Report: Patel & Anor [2013] TC 02502 

 Case Report: Chi Drinks Ltd [2013] TC 02512 

 Case Report: Ballard [2013] TC 02505 

 Payback time for £6m tax fraudsters 

 EU calls for caps on bankers' bonuses 

 PAYE for employers: latest update to basic PAYE Tools 

 Case Report: Tui Travel plc & Ors [2013] TC 02493 

 Case Report: Partners of the Vaccine Research Ltd Partnership and Anor [2013] TC 02491 

 Case Report: Bull [2013] TC 02510 

 Case Report: British Film Institute [2013] TC 02490 

 Case Report: Albermarle 4 LLP [2013] TC 02501 

 Case Report: Hubbard [2013] TC 02496 

 UK, France and Germany pledge to tackle tax avoidance at G20 

 ICAS warns UK accounting post-grads under threat 

 Call for clarity over public sector tax compliance 

 Cash accounting proposals too complex says CIOT 

 Labour plans return to 10p tax rate 

 Law firm warns of risk of deferring City bonuses 

 KPMG calls for better corporate reporting 

 Case Report: Test Claimants in Loss Relief Group Litigation Order v Revenue and Customs Commissioners [2013] EWHC 205 (Ch) 

 EU Commission outlines the details of the FTT 

 HMRC fails to cut tax credit fraud 

 HMRC tax calculator 

 CIOT criticises harsh RTI penalty scheme 

 Case Report: Anson v Revenue and Customs Commissioners [2013] EWCA Civ 63 

 Case Report: John Mander Pension Trustees Ltd v Revenue and Customs Commissioners [2013] UKUT 051 (TCC) 

 South West London aircraft broker gets five year ban for tax-dodging 

 Director banned for exaggerating company's health 

 OECD issues draft guidelines on VAT on services and Intangibles 

 OECD calls for international co-operation on corporate tax 

 Notifying HMRC and paying VAT on vehicles brought into the UK 

 HMRC targets self assessment cheats in south east 

 HMRC says US companies owe £1.7bn in corporation tax 

 Guidance on tax treatment of payments to individuals and other non-corporates 

 Analysis – HMRC v Personal Representatives of Nicolette Pawson [2013] UKUT 50 (TCC) 

 Barclays to shut tax advisory business 

 Barrister found guilty of £600k VAT fraud 

 Case Report: Revenue and Customs Commissioners v Purple Telecom Ltd [2013] UKUT 049 (TCC) 

 HMRC Notice 700/18 Relief from VAT on bad debts 

 UK SMEs failing to understand finances 

 Treasury clears Usain Bolt's tax obstacle 

 Reduction in the VAT relief of imported gifts 

 Case Report: Martin [2013] TC 02460 

 ATT rejects £100k tax relief limit proposal 

 HMRC Notice 702/7 Import VAT relief for goods supplied onward to another country 

 HMRC issues final reminders to employers for RTI 

 Case Report: DMWSHNZ Ltd [2013] TC 02457 

 Case Report: Saheid & Anor [2013] TC 02458 

 Taxpayers charged twice in HMRC error 

 EC tightens anti-money laundering rules 

 Guidance for reporting accountants of stakeholder pension schemes in the UK 

 Case Report: Revenue and Customs Commissioners v Lockyer & Anor (as personal representatives of Pawson, dec’d) [2013] UKUT 050 (TCC) 

 Case Report: GKN Holdings plc & Ors v Revenue and Customs Commissioners [2013] EWHC 108 (Ch) 

 Companies not aware of lease accounting changes 

 Over reliance on payroll providers puts RTI at risk 

 High earners pay 60% of UK income tax 

 Draft Pensions Regulations 

 Alternative dispute resolution to become permanent  

 Draft legislation for Finance Bill 2013: further legislation 

 Case Report: Spring Capital Ltd v FOD Financien [2013] TC 02461 

 HMRC Notice 701/49 Finance 

 HMRC Notice 727/5 Retail schemes: How to work the Direct Calculations schemes 

 Record number of Self Assessment returns, says HMRC